Octagon was approached by the Marriott Hotel chain for their merger event with Starwood Hotels to create a fully immersive client experience around larger than life push pins. Fifty push pins were produced out of round globes, painted red and adorned with white vinyl adhesive cut lettering and two (2) inch round custom built aluminum stands. Octagon provided the electronic hardware to Enhance a Colour for us to install inside the red globes consisting of twin speakers, card readers and flashing Led lights. We created a bridge inside the globes to hold all the electronics and made them so that they would react to pre-punched cards and card readers as they do when opening hotel room doors.

The fully immersive environment “User Experience” was to enter an area of Rockefeller Center in NYC where the ground was covered with a world map and designated with the 50 red pushpins for chances to win trips to different hotels around the world. The different hotels were designated by the red globe push pins that were placed on a giant world map in Rockefeller Center. To those lucky enough to have a pre-punched card that matched up to the red globe push pin they were trying to match up to, the push pin red globe would light up, would start to flash, music would start to play and the lucky User was a winner.

Client: Octagon | Secondary: Marriott Starwood
| Location: New York, NY


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