Cine Magnetics, is a 25 year plus company, that has been in the video duplication business since their beginning. This year they relocated from Armonk, New York to Stamford, CT. Their industry is in an ever-changing business environment, as the duping world changes, and they came to Enhance a Colour with a new name, logo and a vision of wanting dimensional graphics for their new lobby wall. Their new logo was modern and they wanted it to reflect their new company name and location.

Enhance a Colour printed metallic silver ink and metallic blue ink to 3M clear vinyl adhesive and then mounted it to clear ¼ inch thick acrylic. The Clear Acrylic, once mounted with the printed metallic inks that were directly printed to the clear PSAV (pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl) material, was then laser cut to create the dimensional pieces. The laser pieces had polished edges on all of their perimeters for a better finished look. Holes were created in the acrylic pieces and pins were attached to the back of each acrylic piece to create a 3D effect from the wall. The same color effects were used on clear 3M adhesive vinyls that were mounted to the various doors throughout CMI’s new space. Enhance a Colour’s installation team installed all the graphics in their new space.

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