The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania contacted Enhance a Colour to collaborate on creating a Custom Branded Environment for their Center. The Branded space was to have the floor, the walls and the ceiling seamlessly flow from one plane to another keeping the look from the floor, to the walls and possibly the ceiling all looking the same. The printed flooring was to cover a 16 ft. x 32 ft. space, be printed in full color and was produced as four panels 8 ft. x 16 ft. in size with a lustre type finish. This piece was printed using 4 color process plus white ink with a water-based liquid lamination over the ink on the printed side. Due to all the foot traffic expected in the space the flooring was printed to the second surface of Clear Marley Vinyl Flooring, meaning that the ink was laid on the underside of the floor. Once finished the flooring would be flipped and the image would be seen through the clear flooring without any foot traffic affecting the ink. The client asked how to install the floor and we recommended that they use a water-based permanent adhesive for flooring and tiles. To complement the flooring the walls were printed using 3M PSAV (pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl) using 4 color process inks with a lustre protective overlaminate to match the floor. Due to budget constraints the ceiling was left unfinished.

Client: Heinz History Center | Location: Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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