Staging Solutions came to Enhance a Colour with a sketch of their vision and a question: Can you produce this? They were looking to create a custom booth for the Super Bowl to promote TMC’s VR campaign and the answer is always, yes!

We proposed using printed fabric on the interior, exterior and “roof” of the booth. We offered printing carpet or marley for the flooring. Additionally, we proposed the use of a custom metal framing system to help cover the trussing system and provide the look they desired.

Enhance a Colour’s Design Team helped create 3D renderings in sketch and created templates for the client to drop artwork into.
After receiving artwork we printed 16 ft. block out fabric for the interior, exterior and roof. Silicone edges were sewn into the fabric to fit into the custom frame for the exterior, velcro tabs for the inside and webbing, grommets and ties for the roof. Providing off-the-shelf and customized curved pieces we were able to create the design the client was looking for. The flooring was 26 ft. x 16 ft. custom printed marley.

Last minute, Enhance a Colour was asked if we could provide a bit more customization and print backlit buildings for the top. We printed 4 color plus white plus 4 color on ¼ in. lexan and routed out the shape of the buildings. The pieces were shipped to Staging Solutions to mount to the top of the frame. They also sought magnetic visuals to go over the fabric and stickers to adhere to the floor for an event as well.

The project was produced in 3 business weeks and was a huge hit at the Super Bowl.

Job Number: 28852, 28705 | Client: Staging Solutions | Secondary: TMC


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