Staging Solutions was in search of a seamless backdrop that blocked out rear light in a short amount of time for a presentation during the Super Bowl.
In 4 days, Enhance a Colour was asked to produce a 12 ft. x 10 ft. step and repeat for a photo op that had silicone gaskets sewn into the edges to fit in a frame in Houston. Two columns that were 4 ft. W x 3 ft. D x 14 ft. H were wrapped in fabric and a backdrop flat wrap at 36 ft. x 13 ft. live (the face value is seen by the audience) but 41 ft. x 15 ft. final (including all the pieces tucked around the edges to secure the drop in place).
We printed the drop on our block out fabric so no light would leak through. They knew a monitor screen was being placed behind the space and there was an open area that light would come through. Other than killing any light pollution through the fabric we offer it 16 ft. high by virtually any length seamless. Light can’t seep through seams if there aren’t any.

Job Number: 28916 | Date: 2016 | Client: Staging Solutions | Secondary: TMC – 1st & Future


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