The challenge was to unveil a graphics campaign strengthening Duracell’s employee experience without the employee’s seeing any visuals until they arrived for work the first day of the new campaign.

Winter can be a tricky time to install temporary environmental visuals. Temporary graphics do not adhere to concrete and brick and mortar as well as they do during the warmer months in New England. Building management was also adamant that “no damage” be made to their building.

The client, Duracell, requested large visuals that would be admired by the employees as they drove into the Duracell campus and entered the building. The kicker, turnaround time from receipt of artwork to the installation of this project had to be completed within 3 days.

Enhance a Colour’s installation team started installing the graphics campaign at 8 PM when all employees were gone for the day, allowing the campaign to be seen for the first time in the morning hours when employees arrived for work. Enhance a Colour installed 4 external column graphics, 44 in. w x 172 in. high to Duracell’s exterior entrance to their lobby. Using sewn-in fabric ratchet straps and clips Enhance a Colour was able to support these large vinyl banners without altering the building structure in anyway. We also produced two parking garage banners announcing the new campaign a 26 ft. wide x 42 in. high banner was installed over the external lower garage parking lot structure and a smaller sized banner for the entrance to the open air lot for employees to see as they drove into the parking garages. Again we did these using ratchet straps and weighted supports so no part of the building was altered in anyway.

The employees were not only surprised the next morning to see this new graphics campaign unveiled, but employee morale and unity was boosted or shall we say…charged!

Client: Duracell | Location: Danbury Campus



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