Scenic Solutions from Dayton, Ohio had contacted Enhance a Colour to create the striking overhead sign for Wrestle Mania for the last several years. Having worked on the project in the past, EaC is knowledgeable about the project and able to work in the tight timelines required.

The biggest challenge with an acrylic printed sign is that traditionally they have to be mounted to a duratrans and that can result in wrinkling, bubbling and mounting issues. Further, duratrans have to be lit at all times in order to see the visual correctly. With Enhance a Colour’s UV printing processes neither of these problems are a concern.

Using 5 ft. x 10 ft. sheets of milk acrylic that were printed to the first surface, using UV 4 color + white + 4 color inks with what we call the “day night day” technique it offers the ability to have a vibrant, clear visual when the sign graphic is not backlit and yet retain the crisp lines of the visual when it is.

Using supplied autocad files the 20 panels for the sign were CNC routed to their final size and shape and had countersunk holes placed for mounting to the steel structure. The 20 pieces working in a tight timeline arrived in time to be mounted and shipped and to be used for the first WWE RAW event as the new look signage for WrestleMania 2017.



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