Enhance A Colour and Tangram worked together to produce event graphics to create a two-story museum inside Cipriani’s 42nd Street Event Space, across from Historic Grand Central Station in NYC, to promote “The Art of Watches” Grand Exhibition Discovering The World of Patek Philippe. Originally done in Europe, the show was brought to New York for a 2-week event in July.

Tangram over a seven month period designed the main structure and used some Patek Philippe elements from a previous project. Enhance a Colour, with all of its capabilities and imaging resources was brought in as the visual partner to help as a “One Stop Source” and to produce all the visuals that were needed. The following is a partial listing of what Enhance a Colour helped to create :

a.) THE FACADE ENTRANCE AND THE QUEUE WAITING AREA: A unique and customized 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl Skin to cover the Main Entrance outside of the two story structure along with 3M visuals for the Queue Line area. It had to have the Patek Philippe logo and stand out from the rest.

b.) CUSTOMIZED 16 FOOT HIGH SEAMLESS SEG BACKLIT FABRIC SKINS FOR EAC’s CUSTOM BUILT LIGHT BOXES: Customization was the key to building 23 different sized LED backlit lightboxes at 16 foot high by varied widths. Every lightbox presented a challenge as our SEG light boxes were used as the interior Wall Frames to the two story museum. From straight walls, to transitions over entrances, to various angles on the corners, to flanking the steps to the second floor, all had to be perfect and meet exactly so the Backlit fabric “Step n Repeat” looked as if it was one piece. All panels would be backlit and the slightest variance would be seen. In the end, EAC produced four different backlit walls that were all customized in size and shape but averaged over 40 ft. long x were 16 ft. high at their highest point. The light boxes were built in 8 ft & 10 ft wide sections x 16 ft in height as sections that bolted together and were mounted to the truss system. EAC designed, engineered, fabricated and installed the entire structure. Once the structures were wired and lit the seamless printed fabric which had been color corrected previously by the Patek Philippe designers, was installed in the light boxes at Cipriani’s.

c.) INTERNAL FABRIC LIGHTBOXES THROUGHOUT THE MUSEUM: Internal fabric visuals were printed for lightboxes throughout the two floors of the museum, varying in sizes from 4 ft. x 8 ft. to 10 ft. x 8 ft. in size and showing details of how the clocks were made.

d.) PROMOTIONAL AND DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE: Enhance a Colour used all the options for the signage going into the museum. We UV flatbed printed direct to both clear and frosted p-95 Acrylics for both promotional and directional signage, installing them with standoffs. We used cut dimensional lettering on the walls for room locations and to explain what was going on in the various areas of the museum and we used metallic ink printing for the main back wall to show the components and workings of a watch.

e.) THE FACADE HEADER: The outside facade had a custom routed header for the top, cut out of ½ “ thick sintra and then wrapped and covered with custom printed 3M vinyl adhesive as well as covering the side stanchions to the header.

f.) WAREHOUSE SPACE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN: EAC provided Tangram over 50,000 sq. ft of space in our new facility to use for setup and storage space, to do the prep work needed beforehand as a staging area. In all total, before we started to install there were over twenty (20) 53 ft trailers that we sent to Cipriani’s. Just the setup and logistics took over two months.

g.) BUILDING LIGHTBOXES: At the same time, as part of the warehouse was being used for storage and logistics, EAC was using the other half of our building to setup the four sections of 40 ft. long x 16 ft. custom light boxes.

h.) THE ENHANCE A COLOUR INSTALLATION TEAM: Finally, this would never have happened and looked as easy as it did without the EAC installation team. We loaded the lightboxes at our warehouse on special carts, had them delivered on a special 53 ft. truck, and unloaded them in the middle of the night. We delivered and installed all the fabrics for the light boxes and the museum using our own box trucks and our sprinter vans along with making as many as two trips per day, to move all the visuals, graphics and the pieces to the exterior facade. Once on sight, we used as many as ten different Enhance a Colour employees to install all of the event graphics throughout the museum over a three day period.

i.) ENHANCE A COLOUR CREATIVE SERVICES: By having full service capabilities Enhance a Colour used our in-house pre-imaging and creative services department to create graphic files, color correct and design building drawings for the various areas and structures needed for the museum.

In the end, this has been a successful event for Enhance A Colour, Tangram and Patek Philippe.


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