Enhance a Colour works hand in hand with countless designers on and off Broadway. Erica Hemminger brought us the international Beautiful The Carole King Musical Tour to see if we could produce several backdrops and set pieces using our 16 ft. fabric. She was running into issues with Japanese and Australian vendors as they could not produce the pieces large enough or on the desired material.
Enhance a Colour’s backlit 16 ft. fabric was perfect for the production and used to create the colossal backdrops. Iweiss was brought in for the two international show backdrops as they partnered with us for the U.S. show set. Iweiss sewed the two sets of drops, provided a blocker backdrop and cut holes and netting for one specific drop. They also produced the shirelle curtains for the Japan leg of the show.
After receiving the finalized pieces our production team inspected, packed and crated all the show elements to be shipped internationally to the end clients.

Job #: 29477 and 29588 | Client: Derek McClane Studios, Toho Stage & Epoch Productions



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