To commemorate the 30th anniversary of U2’s hit album “The Joshua Tree”, Live Nation requested help to add a unique look to the VIP areas that they would set up in each stop on their tour. Ease of assembly and lightweight, dimensional imagery climbed to the top considerations.

To tie into the theme of the tour, Enhance a Colour’s creative department started with simple mock up ideas for concept approval by our customer. Once approved, we began creating Joshua trees! We UV printed to both sides of 1⁄2 in. fiberboard. The recycled, environmentally friendly, lightweight fiberboard presents a strong, superb surface for printability of colors and hues. Next, we die-cut the 5 ft. x 10 ft. sheets to create two 4 ft. trees and two 6 ft. trees. For stability, we fabricated a stand consisting of a bottom steel plate attached to a 1 in. vertical pipe hidden inside the tree trunk.

All the dimensional trees were easy to set up and take down for a tour stop, requiring no tools for the install and strike. We protected the customized 3D Joshua trees by building a wooden shipping crate so they could travel across the U.S. and Europe from tour spot to tour spot with no damage.

Job Number: 29359 | Client: Live Nation



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