M.Butterfly is a play by David Henry Hwang loosely based on the relationship between French diplomat Bernard Boursicot and Shi Pei Pu, a Peking opera singer. To bring the show to life Hudson Scenic brought in Enhance a Colour to create custom visuals for the stage.

Our design team had to defy the odds to translate 4 in. Japanese cigarette box and historical propaganda poster artwork into 16 ft. high stunning visuals. Utilizing our in-house design & graphics department Hudson didn’t have to stress about the visuals in any capacity. They knew from our past history we would perform. Our team made sure when we transformed the artwork, the quality of the prints would be perfect. We sent over sample prints of the newly created artwork to be approved, so Hudson Scenic could worry about other aspects of the show.

The vintage artwork was applied to all different types of materials, both textured and smooth. Some were used on fabric banners hung over the stage, others were applied as oversized flat wraps and as wallpapers for various scenes.


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