As America geared up for the biggest sporting event of the year, Hallmark Channel hosted their beloved rescue pet adoption event – The Kitten Bowl. The segment features countless displaced kittens rescued from the country’s most recent natural disasters, all of whom are seeking a forever home after the “big game”.

This year Enhance a Colour was brought in to produce the field the feisty felines would play on during the show as the hosts shared fun facts about them. The kitten sized football field was dye sublimated onto carpet, displaying the names of the competing teams in the end zones.

Our dye sublimated carpet uses extreme heat and pressure during the printing process to transfer the colors directly into the carpet fibers so they can be steam cleaned without ever losing their vibrancy. The Kitten Bowl obviously didn’t have the foot traffic that U.S. Bank Stadium did but the carpet could have withstood much more than the tiny paws on its surface.


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