Enhance a Colour works closely with Tangram on several ongoing retail projects, Nike and Adidas being at the top of that list. Each month the Adidas store in NYC gets all new graphics to match their latest campaign. EaC’s installation team works with Tangram’s team to facilitate the strike of the old and installation of the new!

This month was a bigger project than usual. The window graphics and vinyl wall coverings were more of the same but Tangram built SEG frames for giant arches that were covered with dye sublimated fabric. Once the fabric skins were on the frames projections were set up to appear on the fabric panels that were eye level with customers. Giant fabric prints were also displayed in the windows on large SEG frame systems as well as custom acrylic columns to display individual shoes. A carpet with the current line logo was also dye sublimated to brand the empty space under customers feet.


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