Enhance a Colour proudly worked side by side with the designers at Health Complex Medical to rebrand their 3 Connecticut locations. Their main focus was to make the environment more inviting to external customers and more comfortable for their employees while maintaining a professional look.

EAC created a unique space by utilizing several materials including fabric framing systems and Avery® wall coverings. By combining the different substrates we were able to enhance the appearance of the space while improving acoustics and making it a more desirable place to be.

Clients, customers, employees, and visitors all appreciate attractive, comfortable surroundings. It puts them at ease, makes a great impression, and allows them to do their best work. Flexible in design, our products can address surfaces of almost any shape, size and texture. Match existing materials, company colors or create an entirely new look. Enhance a Colour’s aluminum frame and fabric systems as well as customized wall coverings, install easily, can be used on almost any existing surface and virtually eliminate maintenance costs.


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