For both indoor and outdoor events, 70/30 vinyl mesh is almost always your best option. 70/30 vinyl mesh means the banner is 70 percent vinyl material and 30 percent air or holes. Therefore, the banner weight is reasonably light. On the flip side, the 30 percent holes are mostly invisible and create an optical illusion that the image is completely solid. From just 3 or 4 feet away, you’ll only see one clear, solid image while allowing air to pass through the tiny holes.

Mesh banners are a great solution for windy locations instead of using wind slits which may cause unnecessary wear and tear to your banner. They are commonly displayed on construction or sports fences and outdoor festival backdrops.

Mesh banners are printed in full color with unlimited background colors & tints using all types of text and large photographs printed to the banners. Standard finishing includes heat welded hems and grommets and while the material comes 16 ft wide larger sections can be seamed together.

The number one concern when using a large outdoor banner is the blow through or acoustic transparency. 70/30 vinyl mesh is often called blow through mesh because the 30 percent holes will allow for air – and sound – to pass through without creating a billowing sail effect. This is why Enhance a Colour prints on 70/30 vinyl mesh for 95 percent of outdoor banners and backdrops. In situations where there is a need for more airflow, it may be more suitable to use a 50/50 mesh.

· 70/30 vinyl mesh is perfect and most popular for indoor and outdoor uses
· 70/30 vinyl mesh is durable, lightweight and allows air/sound to blow through
· The tiny holes are invisible to the naked eye


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