Longevity and durability has always been a concern when putting up graphics on walls, floors and windows. The worrying of vandalism or accidental damage is no longer an issue when it comes to EAC Anti-Graffiti ink. With our ability to print up to 60″ wide by variable heights, we can cover almost any surface to help protect your design including low tac vinyl adhesive to permanent installations. 

Materials we can print on:

  • up to 60″ wide Low Tac vinyl adhesive for events, corporate meetings, retail and temporary pop up stairs
  • up to 60″ wide long term vinyl adhesive for permanent installations within museums, colleges, corporations or any surface that requires long term solutions

***only variable is that if there is an area that is white, there is no graffiti protection. The protection is within the ink so areas that are white will need to be replaced with 10% black or grey***



Enhance a Colour is now offering an anti-microbial lamination for our custom digital wall coverings.

Recently approved by government agencies, this product is perfect for those environments that need extra protection against surface bacteria such as Covid-19, MRSA, ringworm, athletes foot, plantar warts and staph infections, to name a few.

Large gathering, Educational, Athletic, Medical and Food Environments are exceptional candidates for our new anti-microbial lamination vinyl adhesive graphics.

Sustainable & Green

Environmentally friendly urethane and epoxy coatings use water as a solvent rather than a co-solvent or exempt solvent which makes this solution unique.


These products offer many environmental advantages, including:

• 100% water-based coating without the use of any co-solvents
• Virtually Odorless – No special breathing apparatus needed
• Conforms to OSHA and other safety thresholds
• Meets all VOC Regulations (SCAQMD, CARB, EPA, etc.)
• Leed criteria meets U.S. Building Councils’ specifications

Anti-microbial Technology

According to the guidelines by the Center for Disease Control, when non-coated graphics are cleaned with a disinfectant, the bacterial count returns to the pretreatment level just a few hours later.

• Our anti-microbial lamination provides the most innovative coatings with biostatic anti-microbial protection

• Inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew

• Our protective overlam is built-in during the manufacturing process which allows the protection to last as long as the coating lasts

• We believe anti-microbial protection, in combination with disinfectant cleaning, may provide an important defense against the spread of infections of diseases such as COVID 19


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