With Earth Day just over the horizon it’s a good time to consider what commitments your company is making toward environmental responsibility. Event-planners and art directors are under pressure now more than ever to seek sustainable solutions in their upcoming projects, but high costs and reduced durability often hinder efforts to source renewable materials. One of our most popular Earth-friendly options for indoor venues is EaC’s falcon board. Despite being made from 100% post-consumer content, this 1/2-inch corrugated cardboard is strong enough to construct even weight-bearing furniture.

Falcon board was EaC’s immediate recommendation to Synergy Events when tasked with staging an environmental advocacy event for Mars Candy that highlighted their own efforts toward sustainability. We fabricated this entire branded booth from recycled falcon boards—a serving table, cocktail tables, directional signage, and a back wall. Lightweight and collapsible, the M&M company event materials were not only cost-effective to produce but cheaper to ship than wood, metal, or glass.

EaC has a corporate social responsibility to continuously search for materials that reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to falcon board EaC sources an Artist’s Stipple wallpaper that’s made from 31% consumer waste. Opting for LED multicolor lighting where neon is traditionally used is another choice that limits electricity use and manufacturing emissions. Ask about what green alternatives might be available for your next project.

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