Charmin set up a studio in Times Square where they filmed “Canfessionals” and provided public restroom facilities. The cost for eight bathrooms with real mosaic tile for the seven weeks was way outside of their budget which is where EAC came in with a cost-effective solution. We suggested printing a full color mosaic pattern to 4 ft x 8 ft white sintra panels with UV printed inks and a waterproof coating so the panels could be washed. Then we routed each panel to create dimension mosaic tiles at a fraction of the weight and half the cost. In addition to the panels EAC also dye-sub printed an 8-ft circular carpet and vinyl window graphics. To finish it all off we UV printed and die-cut three Charmin bears out of sintra with vertical supports in the back to accent the main stage.





  • printed
  • routed and/or die cut


  • dye-sub printed
  • sewn edges

Vinyl adhesive graphics


Charmin requested mosaic shower tiles and experiential graphics to promote their toilet paper brand. We created realistic faux panels with Sintra, printed a rug for the entryway, made window graphics, and produced 2D bears from their advertising campaigns.