Not Your Mother’s, a beauty supply brand, tasked our client, The Factory PR, to create an unforgettable salon experience for one night to promote their dry shampoo products. Held on February 8th 2023, the event was complete with a selfie spot, on-demand hair stylists, and of course, booze.


Promoting Not Your Mother’s
Designed by Factory PR


  • Dye-sub fabric logo banner
  • Heart-shaped wood bench, die-cut & painted
  • 3D styrofoam dry shampoo bottle, painted & vinyl-wrapped
  • Adhesive vinyl logos
  • Direct-printed UltraBoard portraits


Our team finished the installation on the day of the event starting by covering a wall display with a fabric banner. We then rebranded a display shelf, applied adhesive vinyl to all the mirrors, and replaced the hung wall art with branded portraits. The centerpiece for the event was a heart-shaped bench with large product replicas of Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo aerosol cans for photo-ops.