LDJ Productions is known for creating memorable events, so when they asked us to partner on an April event we knew it was going to be something special. From its inception we knew this project would be monumental, transforming three entire floors of the New York Marriott Marquis.

0 percent work outsourced
1 stressed and sleep-deprived salesperson
2 box trucks
3 sprinter vans
6 hours of post-event strike
14 days of production
36 hours of nonstop installation
45 EAC employees working through the night


35 x Columns: boxed aluminum frames, UltraBoard® panels, vinyl

4 x Columns: boxed with mirrored acrylic panels, die-cut printed vinyl.

2 x Registration Desks: acrylic face, aluminum frames, Sintra® tops & shelves

3 x Curved Walls: boxed with rented aluminum frames, mirrored acrylic panels

3 x Glass Railings: white vinyl base, cut & mirrored vinyl, brushed aluminum vinyl.

3 x 3D Logos: routed styrofoam, mirrored acrylic

5 x SEG Walls: printed fabric

4 x Walls: low-tack adhesive vinyl

90 x Directional Signs: meter board

6 x Hotel Signs: clear acrylic