Enhance a Colour produced and installed all the visuals for Total Health Forum hosted by the NBA and Kaiser Permanente, the largest private not-for-profit health care organization in the world. Total Health Forum is a yearly event featuring a series of panels and discussions regarding physical and mental wellbeing.


Sponsors: NBA, Kaiser Permanente

Design: Octagon


  • Walls, floors, windows: adhesive vinyl
  • Dimensional signage: Sintra®, printed and cut
  • Court-theme wall visual: wood slats with adhesive vinyl
  • Décor: faux foliage throughout the event space


To establish a wellness event for Total Health Forum that focused on children’s and women’s mental health issues, we created branded visuals that integrated the aesthetics of self-empowerment, basketball, and wellbeing. We used wall coverings to create the “MIND BODY SPIRIT” graphics and dimensional lettering to create displays with words of affirmation such as “RESILIENCE.” Floors and walls mimicked the appearance of basketball court baselines with hung wood slats and curved red, blue, and green lines.