When Drury Design teamed up with Enhance a Colour to elevate Akamai’s presence at the Intercontinental Times Square Hotel, the result was nothing short of spectacular. With meticulous measurements, approved materials, and a focus on cost-efficiency, we offered a suite of branding solutions. SEG fabric walls, tailor-made for the hotel, reduced fabrication time and costs, while low-tack vinyl adhesive transformed laminated wood walls. Custom printed fabric wrapped the 30ft columns. From concept to installation and removal, our dedicated team ensured the project’s success, leaving a lasting impression on the event spaces at the Intercontinental Times Square Hotel.


Design Agency: Drury Design

End client: Akamai


  • SEG custom fabric walls
  • Low-tack vinyl adhesive


For Akamai, Enhance a Colour collaborated with Drury Design to transform the Intercontinental Times Square Hotel’s event spaces. We provided custom SEG fabric walls and low-tack vinyl adhesive branding, efficiently elevating their branding with cost-effective solutions.