The Transformative Power of Acrylic: An Alternative to Traditional Glass

In the world of modern design and printing, the choice of materials is crucial. Enhance a Colour, a pioneering company, is revolutionizing the design landscape by leveraging the versatile capabilities of acrylic. Acrylic, a contemporary alternative to traditional glass, offers a multitude of benefits that can truly elevate design possibilities. Let’s explore why Enhance a Colour swears by this innovative material and how it’s transforming the design industry.


1. Versatility and Customization


Acrylic, as championed by Enhance a Colour, offers unprecedented versatility. The company employs UV-cured inks that directly print onto acrylic sheets, allowing for customization in various dimensions and thicknesses. Whether it’s large-scale signage, stunning logo lightboxes, or intricate designs, acrylic’s adaptability is unparalleled.


2. Resistance and Durability


One of the standout features of acrylic, particularly the OPTIX® series sourced from Plaskolite, is its remarkable durability. Resistant to cracking, fading, scratches, and chemicals, the acrylic substrates used by Enhance a Colour offer longevity and robustness, ensuring that designs maintain their visual appeal over time.


3. Variety in Finish and Appearance


Enhance a Colour doesn’t just use acrylic; they leverage the diversity within the material. From the glossy, finished prints of OPTIX® DA to the scratch-resistant and anti-graffiti capabilities of OPTIX® E-DA, the company harnesses the range of surfaces to offer textured, varnished, and markerboard finishes. This variety in finishes allows for creative freedom, enabling unique, eye-catching designs.


4. Enhanced Clarity and Non-Glare Options


In addition to standard acrylic finishes, Enhance a Colour offers the OPTIX® NG-DA, which boasts enhanced clarity. This specialized option minimizes reflections and offers a more matte appearance, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications while maintaining superior visual clarity.


5. Innovative Applications


Acrylic isn’t limited to conventional uses. Enhance a Colour explores the innovative potential of this material. They harness the capabilities of erasable digital acrylic, making it suitable for markerboard applications. This unique feature opens doors to interactive designs, creating multifunctional and engaging spaces.


6. Sustainability and Source Quality


Enhance a Colour sources its acrylic from Plaskolite, a renowned manufacturer known for producing top-quality acrylic. This choice not only ensures high-quality products but also emphasizes the commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.


7. Light and Design Interaction


With its exceptional transparency, acrylic provides a canvas for playing with light. When backlit, it creates stunning visual effects, making it ideal for lightboxes and other illuminated designs, adding an extra dimension to the overall aesthetic appeal.


Embrace Acrylic for Limitless Design Possibilities

In conclusion, the use of acrylic, especially in the capable hands of Enhance a Colour, opens up an array of design possibilities. From resistance to versatility, customization to innovation, this material stands as a testament to the transformative power of modern design. Enhance a Colour’s prowess in harnessing the unique properties of acrylic from Plaskolite showcases how this material is reshaping the future of design, offering a gateway to a world of creativity and functionality.