Unveiling the Impact: Flooring as a Branding Canvas by Enhance A Colour

In the dynamic world of branding, every element within a space plays a crucial role in conveying a brand’s identity. Flooring, often an overlooked canvas, emerges as a powerful tool for creating a lasting impression. At Enhance A Colour, we take pride in offering two distinct flooring options—carpet and marley—each designed to elevate your brand in unique ways.


Printed Carpets: Where Innovation Meets Durability


Our digitally dye-sublimated printed carpets redefine the concept of branding underfoot. Let’s explore the reasons why printed carpets by Enhance A Colour are becoming the go-to choice for some of the industry’s biggest names.


1. Vibrant Detail and Customization:

Immerse your brand in a sea of vibrant colors and intricate details. Our advanced technology allows us to print large carpets, up to 10 feet wide, in any unique shape you envision. From trade shows to corporate offices, museums, and beyond, our carpets transform spaces with unparalleled customization.


2. Machine Washable and Durable:

We utilize extreme heat and pressure during printing to embed colors into the fibers, ensuring they withstand machine washing and steam cleaning while maintaining their brilliance. Even in heavily crowded areas, our carpets stand the test of time.


3. Three Grades for Versatile Usage:

Whether it’s a short-term trade show or a year-long event, we offer three grades of dye-sublimated carpeting. From the Promo Grade for temporary use to the Trade Show & Event Grade for longer durations, each provides a unique blend of quality and functionality.


4. Endless Design Possibilities:


Blank floors become your brand’s canvas. Our printed flooring can depict anything from lakes and game boards to surfaces like linoleum or fields of roses. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


5. UV Inks and Protective Coating:

Printed with rich UV inks, our flooring is top-coated with a clear gloss or matte finish for added protection. Unlike painted floors, our colors remain vibrant and perfectly matched, ensuring a stunning visual impact.


6. Lightweight and Portable:

Take your brand on the road effortlessly. Our printed flooring is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for theater productions, special events, dance floors, and product launches.


Marley Flooring: Setting the Stage for Excellence


Marley flooring, available in both clear and opaque options, is renowned in the dance and theater world for its versatility. Let’s uncover the unique benefits of Marley flooring and how it adds a dynamic touch to your brand.


Pros of Marley Flooring:

  1. Best Slip Resistance/Grip: Ideal for turns and jumps, Marley offers superior slip resistance.
  2. DIY Installation: Effortless installation—roll, tape, and your space is transformed.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Competitive pricing to suit various budgets without compromising quality.
  4. Low Maintenance: Regular sweeping and damp mopping keep Marley flooring in pristine condition.
  5. Portability: Beyond dance tiles, Marley offers portable options, perfect for those on the move.


Clear Marley Flooring:


For a distinctive touch, our Clear Vinyl Flooring stands as a unique outdoor or indoor option. Printed with UV four-color plus white ink to the second surface, this flooring offers:

  1. Quick and Easy Installation: Unroll and install without the need for adhesive.
  2. Waterproof and Durable: Resistant to water, stains, and contaminants, protecting your subfloor.
  3. Versatile Applications: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making it a versatile flooring choice.


Opaque Flooring:


For those seeking a different visual effect, our opaque flooring offers a solid backdrop for your brand. Its versatility lies in:

  1. Solid Color Impact: Opaque flooring delivers a bold, consistent color foundation, making a powerful visual statement that captures attention.
  2. Versatile Application: Opaque vinyl flooring, like Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl (PSAV) for short-term use and Portuguese Opaque Vinyl for permanence, caters to diverse needs, offering solutions for floor decals on various surfaces.
  3. Tailored Printing: PSAV allows for versatile printing in any color combination on concrete, carpet, vinyl, and wood. Portuguese Opaque Vinyl, known for durability and customization, ensures a lasting brand presence.


Enhance A Colour goes beyond conventional branding, turning floors into dynamic canvases that captivate audiences and elevate brand experiences. Whether it’s the immersive detail of our printed carpets or the versatile functionality of Marley flooring, our commitment to innovation ensures that your brand leaves a lasting impression underfoot. Step into a world where branding meets artistry with Enhance A Colour’s flooring solutions.