In collaboration with Fairfield University, Enhance a Colour brought a tactile revolution to the basketball locker rooms, redefining the game with a fusion of design and texture. The walls underwent a striking transformation with dimensional wallpaper, mirroring the unique texture of a basketball. This innovative design choice not only enhanced the visual appeal but also created a sensory experience, immersing players and staff in the essence of the game.


Fairfield University


  • Dimensional Wallpaper
  • 3D Acrylic Canned Lightbox
  • Clear Marley flooring


Enhance a Colour went beyond aesthetics, introducing a multifaceted design approach that resonates with the spirit of the game. The dimensional wallpaper and 3D acrylic canned Lightbox captivate the eyes, while the clear Marley flooring, featuring a custom printed logo on the second surface, adds a layer of personalization and pride. This comprehensive makeover transforms the locker rooms into a dynamic space, celebrating the passion for basketball. At Enhance a Colour, we craft immersive environments that blend creativity and functionality to elevate the essence of every space.