In the heart of Times Square, Enhance a Colour took center stage at the RBC EPIC Conference. Elevator wraps adorned with vibrant vinyl seamlessly blended with the surroundings, setting the tone for a dynamic event. The stage came alive with a striking backdrop crafted from step and repeat fabric sock frame, while sleek seg fabric frame columns added a touch of sophistication to the venue.


RBC Capital Markets


  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Step and Repeat Fabric Sock Frame
  • SEG Fabric Frames


Enhance a Colour delivered a visually captivating experience, utilizing premium materials to create a cohesive and engaging atmosphere. The elevator wraps served as immersive canvases, transforming mundane spaces into captivating visual narratives. The stage backdrop and fabric columns, meticulously designed and crafted, elevated the overall aesthetic, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. At Enhance a Colour, we go beyond printing – we bring visions to life.