Charmin Activation in Times Square


Charmin set up a studio in Times Square where they filmed "Canfessionals" and provided public restroom facilities. The cost for eight bathrooms with real mosaic tile for the seven weeks was way outside of their budget which is where EAC came in [...]

Charmin Activation in Times Square2023-03-16T12:18:47-04:00

FAME by Paco Robanne—Fragrance Product Launch


On January 26th, 2023, Highlife organized the launch of Paco Rabanne's new feminine fragrance, FAME, featuring Elle Fanning at the Lotte New York Palace. The event was designed to increase the brand's visibility in New York City and showcased a [...]

FAME by Paco Robanne—Fragrance Product Launch2023-04-11T15:58:25-04:00

EaC helped make an impact during NYC Fashion Week


Fashion Week in NYC is a fun time and yet a very stressful one for those on the back side of the runway. Everything has to be right because a poor showing could be a disaster. Enhance a Colour (EaC) has been helping stage portions of Fashion Week [...]

EaC helped make an impact during NYC Fashion Week2022-07-29T13:11:05-04:00
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