Christian Eckart Gallery Installation


Abstract expressionist, Christian Eckart, chose EAC for the fabrication of Closer/Still II, his current exhibition. With precise replication of color and detail we printed Eckart’s designs to 16-ft fabric using dye-sublimated inks. Backlit [...]

Christian Eckart Gallery Installation2023-01-26T13:22:32-05:00

OpenTable’s Branded Event Graphics


Working with OpenTable, dye sublimated fabric and vinyl was needed to set the scene for their Innovation Summit in NYC. Restaurateurs and industry professionals gathered at Hudson Mercantile to look into the state of the industry from its current [...]

OpenTable’s Branded Event Graphics2021-04-20T14:04:05-04:00

Printed Carpet Shows Off Map of NYC at New Children’s Museum


The New York Historical Society, located on the corner of Central Park West and 77th Street, has re-opened after a 3 year renovation. New York's oldest museum has gotten a facelift that transformed the bank-like structure to be more inviting and b [...]

Printed Carpet Shows Off Map of NYC at New Children’s Museum2021-03-25T15:38:45-04:00

Extend the life of your floor graphics


The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania contacted Enhance a Colour to collaborate on creating a Custom Branded Environment for their Center. The Branded space was to have the floor, the walls and the ceiling seamlessly flow from one p [...]

Extend the life of your floor graphics2021-03-29T11:16:45-04:00

Scenic Backdrops Bring Star Wars Costumes to Life


Enhance a Colour was brought into this project with PRG to add vivid imagery as the backdrops to the costumes in the Star Wars Exhibit. The pieces needed to be detailed, vibrant, durable and easy to pack up and ship. EaC’s SEG (silicone edge gaske [...]

Scenic Backdrops Bring Star Wars Costumes to Life2021-03-29T12:32:59-04:00
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