Christian Eckart Gallery Installation


Abstract expressionist, Christian Eckart, chose EAC for the fabrication of Closer/Still II, his current exhibition. With precise replication of color and detail we printed Eckart’s designs to 16-ft fabric using dye-sublimated inks. Backlit [...]

Christian Eckart Gallery Installation2023-01-26T13:22:32-05:00

Canada Goose Brings Its New Line to NYC


Partnering with Wizard Studios of NYC, Enhance a Colour worked with them to create some great visual effects for a PR Event and New Product Launch for Canada Goose. The Canadian high-end retailer of down filled coats and diverse weather apparel an [...]

Canada Goose Brings Its New Line to NYC2023-01-26T13:33:40-05:00

Nintendo Re-launched Pokémon


Nintendo’s NEW Pokémon release at their flagship store in NYC incorporated a Rental Lightbox, 50 ft. long by 12 ft. high flag cloth fabric banners, a 3D dimensional map with a stand, pressure sensitive vinyl for the counter wraps, die-cut elements [...]

Nintendo Re-launched Pokémon2023-01-26T13:33:24-05:00

Inexpensive Environmental Branding Sends a Message and Builds Team Morale


Enhance a Colour proudly worked side by side with the designers at Health Complex Medical to rebrand their 3 Connecticut locations. Their main focus was to make the environment more inviting to external customers and more comfortable for their emp [...]

Inexpensive Environmental Branding Sends a Message and Builds Team Morale2021-04-20T13:14:51-04:00

OpenTable’s Branded Event Graphics


Working with OpenTable, dye sublimated fabric and vinyl was needed to set the scene for their Innovation Summit in NYC. Restaurateurs and industry professionals gathered at Hudson Mercantile to look into the state of the industry from its current [...]

OpenTable’s Branded Event Graphics2021-04-20T14:04:05-04:00
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