Upgraded: North American Motor Car


North American Motor Car, located in Danbury, CT, functions primarily as a vehicle storage space and luxury service center. Josh Allison, master car builder manages the customization department which specializes in full builds, high-end restorat [...]

Upgraded: North American Motor Car2023-02-06T10:40:12-05:00

Acrylic Sharks Swim Overhead


For the NY Aquarium, this has been the project that never ends, it goes on and on my friends. Starting in 2012 and to be completed in 2013 the sharks exhibit was supposed to adorn the ceiling of the NY Aquarium. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Sandy [...]

Acrylic Sharks Swim Overhead2021-04-20T13:28:39-04:00

Donor Wall Creates Flair & Recognition


A donor wall can be an artistic way to recognize your contributors and add some flair to your foyer! This particular wall was designed using client supplied resin blocks with EAC embellishing each block and mounting gold, bronze, and silver transl [...]

Donor Wall Creates Flair & Recognition2021-04-20T13:29:26-04:00

Metallic Signage Changes Your Perception!


Cine Magnetics, is a 25 year plus company, that has been in the video duplication business since their beginning. This year they relocated from Armonk, New York to Stamford, CT. Their industry is in an ever-changing business environment, as the du [...]

Metallic Signage Changes Your Perception!2021-04-20T13:30:15-04:00
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