Custom Printed Acoustical Fabrics


At Enhance a Colour, we offer our clients the ability to brand their walls, ceilings and surroundings while at the same time limiting the amount of sound bounce back and reflection. This is a tremendous breakthrough for those who have older concrete, marble or brick structures which echo sounds rather than mute them. Additionally, large areas such as restaurants, cafeterias, gymnasiums, offices, auditoriums and any other space can use our acoustical fabric products to limit the noise within. With an NRC rating of up to 1.0 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) on average, Enhance a Colour’s acoustical fabric single or double sided walls, can be used either as freestanding dividers or as attached to existing structures. Our acoustic fabrics provide the perfect canvas for your branding initiatives while offering the desired functionality of noise reduction. Don’t forget the ceilings, because we can attach our systems there as well.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient, often abbreviated as NRC, is a scalar depiction of how much sound energy is absorbed by a particular surface. If the NRC rating is 0 it means sound is not absorbed at all and bounces back or “reflects” back into the room. An NRC rating of 1.0 designates perfect absorption.

Enhance a Colour is using fire rated acoustical fabrics, aluminum framing and two-inch acoustical insulation to build fabric walls which allows us to offer a sound absorption NRC rating of 1.0. We are giving you the opportunity to brand any acoustical fabric wall or room via customized dye sublimation printing to a seamless height of 16 ft. by up to 100 ft. in length. The frame and insulation system remain stationary but the images on fabric can be changed giving you the flexibility to promote different idea or campaigns. To see more click here for a copy of our brochure “Solutions for Creating Stunning Decor with Acoustical Fabrics”.

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