If you’re looking for a memorable way to display your product, remember Enhance a Colour. We create the highest quality custom design displays to match your company’s goals and visions.

From counter displays to large outdoor die-cut figures, flags to banners, game boards to sign-up boards, green-screens for photography and more, if you can envision it, we can produce it. And we’ll get it all done on time, displaying our dependability. Our experienced team utilizes our spacious facility to create dynamic displays which travel well and set up quickly. We can build custom  displays in any dimension you request. We work with all sorts of materials from fabric and vinyl, to metal and wood. We also create custom frames using aluminum piping and pop pins, for easy assembly with no tools necessary. No matter what is needed to display your message in the most dynamic way, Enhance a Colour gets it done, and builds up your image.

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