Fabric and Framing Systems

Enhance a Colour (EaC) is one of the few companies that print seamless, custom dye-sub printed fabrics, up to 16 ft. wide, with two framing options: The REXFrameTM SEG aluminum
framing system and our own custom-designed Pop-Pin framing system. Both systems are easily assembled in just a few steps.

SEG frame systems are assembled using a simple aluminum connector system and are available with LED lighting options. The dye-sub printed fabrics – which have a silicone rubber lip that is easily inserted into the frame – are colorfast and machine washable.

Our Pop-Pin framing systems use interlocking tubular aluminum pieces with spring-loaded “pop-pins” that lock each section into place. The printed fabric is either attached to the frame with
Velcro or made as a slipcover to encase the frame.