Bank of America Sponsors Youth Baseball


Bank of America is one of the largest banking institutions in the world. They went to their promotion agency and wanted to promote and sponsor youth baseball. The agency suggested baseball clinics in Major League Baseball Parks. The agency came to En [...]

Bank of America Sponsors Youth Baseball2023-01-26T13:14:24-05:00

Enhance a Colours Promotional Counterwraps


In the past year a new and eye catching way of promotion has begun to occur, counter promotion graphics. Working with the promotion agency and marketing managers for Hennessy and others, Enhance a Colour and our network of installers measure the stor [...]

Enhance a Colours Promotional Counterwraps2023-01-26T13:14:13-05:00

Boars Head and Enhance a Colour in 3D


Boar’s Head was looking for a distinctive display to help promote their clients who have received “Certified Service and Training”. They wanted a permanent and long lasting display. They had previously tried sintra PVC displays and this time were loo [...]

Boars Head and Enhance a Colour in 3D2023-01-26T13:14:37-05:00

Creating Dubai’s Man Made Islands


Enhance a Colour was contacted by the promotional agency for Nakheel. They had less than 10 days to create 1200 feet of carpet and assorted support graphics for an event in New York City that was intended to capture the attention of some 100 members [...]

Creating Dubai’s Man Made Islands2023-01-26T13:10:13-05:00

Enhance a Colour Retail: Longfords Ice Cream


Longford Ice Cream has been voted the number one tasting ice cream by Westchester Magazine for the past six years. In the last three years they have franchised four locations in the local area. They had worked with EaC in the past, and now needed gra [...]

Enhance a Colour Retail: Longfords Ice Cream2023-01-26T13:08:57-05:00
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