Enhance a Colour retail: Eres


Seeking advice on how to update their stores’ monthly merchandising displays, Eres contacted Enhance a Colour to help them coordinate the use of fabric and digital C-Prints in their displays.   First, images from their European headquarters [...]

Enhance a Colour retail: Eres2023-01-26T13:07:14-05:00

Lexis Nexis rolling advertising


Lexis Nexis is a company that sells its data base and other services to lawyers and legal departments of large companies. They wanted to tour large cities in the United States with an RV to demonstrate their services. If their prospective clients cou [...]

Lexis Nexis rolling advertising2023-01-26T13:03:34-05:00

EaC creates Schicks NCAA Football Tour


Schick wanted to promote their razor line to college students. Their promotion agency, Amplitude Marketing, came up with the concept of a traveling tour during the NCAA College Football season. Working with Enhance a Colour they were able to get thei [...]

EaC creates Schicks NCAA Football Tour2023-01-26T13:02:48-05:00

Warehouse to Racetrack


Grand Prix New York is a one of a kind destination created to attract a unique clientele. It is both a race course, a restaurant and a facility for meetings and events. Located in what used to be a Grand Union Warehouse and Distribution Center in Mt [...]

Warehouse to Racetrack2023-01-26T13:01:56-05:00

Enhance a Colour Retail: Syms


Seeking advice on how to update their stores’  interior department signage, Syms contacted Enhance a Colour to help them better coordinate the use of fabrics. Syms wanted to use double sided fabric signage. The previous vendor‘s signage had the [...]

Enhance a Colour Retail: Syms2023-01-26T13:01:03-05:00
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