Printed Flooring & Tiles

Enhance a Colour has the expertise and uses the most innovative technology to produce printed flooring and tiles that will captivate any audience. Printed with amazing color and striking detail, all our printed flooring and tiles transform any space.

Whether you are looking for permanent installation, or a temporary solution for a special event, we have options available to perfectly fit your needs.

 Printed Tiles

Enhance a Colour has the unique ability to produce custom printed floor tiles in stunning, vibrant colors with intriguing detail.  These tiles can set a scene, evoke a mood, or brand an area, and turn a blank floor into a stunning mural.

Tile floors are as durable as they are beautiful. Custom murals can be printed on ceramic, porcelain, glass or tumbled marble.  We have created innovative work for museums, arenas, offices, lobbies, restaurants, shopping centers, and more.  When you want to make a lasting impression, printed tiles floors by Enhance a Colour are the way to go.

Printed Flooring by Enhance a Colour

When you want to dazzle audiences for your next show, nothing quite has it covered like printed flooring by Enhance a Colour. We can print anything you can imagine on our flooring, in vibrant colors and amazing detail. Blank floors are transformed into lakes, earthy terrain, game boards, can appear to be a surface like linoleum, or a field of roses. We can produce printed flooring as large as 10 ft. wide, and as long as 50 ft. Floors that are larger can be seamed together, as huge as 60 ft. x 50 ft.

Printed flooring is printed with rich UV inks, and top coated with a clear gloss or matte coating for added protection. Unlike a painted floor, the vibrant colors will always match perfectly, and can be created in less time. The printed surfaces are extremely durable, and stand up well under heavy crowd traffic. They are also lightweight and portable, so you can easily take your show on the road. Our printed flooring is a hit in theater productions, special events, traveling shows, performs well on the dance floor and draws in crowds at PR showcases and product launches.

Below are the two styles of printed flooring we offer

Clear Vinyl Flooring, for outdoor or indoor use. Clear Vinyl Flooring Material is available in 118 inch wide widths and is printed with UV four color plus white ink to the 2nd surface (bottom side of vinyl flooring).

Marley Dance Floor, a rubberized flooring option. Marley dance floor comes in 10 foot wide widths, is printed using UV inks to the top surface of the material, and comes with liquid protective Matte over-lamination. This product prints extremely well but needs to be handled with care. Marley Dance Floor is used in ballet schools all across America.

Down to Detail

  • We can produce printed flooring as big as 10 ft. wide, and as long as 50 ft. Floors that are larger can be seamed together, as huge as 60 ft x 50 ft.
  • The flooring is coated with a textured/grit lamination to prevent slipping and is fire resistant.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Very durable
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to install
  • Great for theater productions, events, and traveling shows