InLine Displays

InLine Displays, a new product from Enhance a Colour, are the perfect way to captivate captive audiences. Now, wherever crowds gather in line, your marketing messages can be displayed right along beside them.

This innovative medium transforms waiting time into an opportunity for you to make a visual impact, brand an area, build awareness and attract new customers. Enhance a Colour offers high quality printing on fabric or vinyl, creating an InLine Display that shows off your brand with visual vibrancy.

Not only are the displays eye-catching, but they are extremely efficient.  Simply pull down the banner from the cassette, and you are ready for audiences everywhere.  After the event, the banner is easily retracted and stored for next time.  You can replace your banner within minutes to match your changing message.


Each stand is 69 in. wide x 40 in. tall, and the graphic display is 57 in. wide x 33 in. tall.
InLine Displays are lightweight, so they can be set up quickly and are very portable.

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InLine Displays are great for:

  • Airport Lines, Bank Teller Lines, lines, lines, and more lines.
  • Directional Messages
  • Crowd Contained Sporting Events
  • Corporate Conference Corrals
  • Product Launch Waiting Zones
  • Music and Entertainment Venues
  • And More!