Window Graphics

Enhance a Colour has several different processes and substrates for either permanent or semi-permanent graphic placement on your store windows. Graphics can be installed on any smooth surface, meeting your exact project requirements.

Storefront window decals and window graphics are often used to notify customers of discounts, clearances, sales, and hours of operation. Full color flashing beautiful, bright storefront graphics is a quick, inexpensive advertisement that will capture the interest of a potential client.

Choose fromĀ 3 materials: Vinyl Decal Film, One Way Vision Film, or Vinyl Lettering. Full color Vinyl Decal Film is placed on the outside of window. Low-tack adhesive decal can’t be seen through, and is easy to remove. Take your company image and translate it into an eye-catching storefront logos or graphics for your business.

One Way Vision Film is placed on the outside of Window. Customers from outside can see the images and employees inside the store can see out. It is great for full window advertising, blocking UV rays, and protects your privacy. Vinyl lettering is perfect for store hours and a listing of services, simple, classic, and easy to apply

Window Graphics are now being recognized as an extremely cost effective form of outdoor advertising media for all types of businesses.