Wall Coverings

We create custom visual wall displays that transform blank spaces into branded dynamic showcases.  Now, empty areas, like office walls, elevators, hallways and lobbies, are canvases to attract attention.

Walls can become powerful presentation places, and can depict impactful imagery, amazing graphics, photography, and more.  They can change the feel of your surroundings, and set a desired mood from generating excitement to evoking serenity. We have all the advanced technology needed to digitally print with vibrant colors and amazing detail on a variety of surfaces — in large, crowd-captivating sizes.

Enhance a Colour offers design and layout services, graphics creation, and complete installation, so we can help transform your company logo, and take your marketing campaign to all new lengths and heights. We provide both permanent wallpaper coverings as well as temporary and travel ready wall solutions, from outdoor durable fabrics to indoor dynamic displays.  If you are looking for a new way to get noticed, Enhance a Colour has it covered.