Enhance a Colour offers you a highly innovative solution to your graphic needs with our new “Laminated Safety Glass” option. Now any digital image, in high definition, can be printed directly onto safety laminated glass to create an elegant new look. Designers, architects and other creative folks we work with are very excited about this new offering    

Printed glass is a true example of functional art. Your imagination and creativity will be able to expand to include the full color spectrum to print truly vibrant images and designs onto glass measuring up to 120 in. x 60 in. Another idea is to add an interlayer of custom printed fabric or paper positioned between two layers of glass.  Choose printed glass for light enhancing printed windows, privacy panels, facility décor or more.

Why print directly to laminated glass?

There are many reasons why you should choose UV printed glass…

Color fading: Because the inks used to print on glass are UV cured, they are inherently protected from the sun’s UV rays which are responsible for fading prints over time.

Safety / Security: Normal window glass is breakable and will shatter into long sharp pieces which can cause serious injuries. The principal characteristics of laminated safety glass are that the interlayer absorbs the energy impact and, therefore, resists penetration. Although the glass may break, the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, minimizing the risk of injuries. The interlayer can consist of a graphic printed on paper or fabric placed in the middle of two sheets of glass. The image can also be printed directly onto the glass and two pieces of glass can be laminated together using EVA material as the interlayer. The EVA melds the two pieces of glass forming one, thick layer of protective glass.

Sound Reduction: Noises gain easiest entry into buildings through windows and doors. Laminated glass provides an excellent barrier to loud noise. It has better STL (Sound Transmission Loss) as compared to glass of similar thickness in very high frequencies.  

Solar Energy Control: Laminated glass, when used in combination with reflective or tinted glass, provides excellent reduction in solar gains while blocking the scorching rays of the sun.

UV Control: The major cause of deterioration and fading of furnishings and pictures is the chemical reaction caused by short-wavelength UV radiation. UV absorbing additives in the interlayer in laminated glass can screen out a good portion of these damaging rays.

Protection from weather and natural disasters:  In most cases, if broken, laminated glass remains in its frame, preventing interior damage while reducing flying shards of glass and flying debris.

Several ways to use Custom UV Printed Glass

Museum Displays
High-End Office Décor
Backlit Glass Advertising Displays for Retail Environments
Elaborate Exhibit Displays
Custom Printed Table Tops and Counters
Interior Signage, Glass Directories and Way finding
Customizable Glass Dry Erase Boards
Hospitality Venues
High Quality Restaurant Décor
Safety Glass for Medical Facilities
Safety Glass on Educational Campuses

All of these benefits make choosing direct UV printed glass a logical choice. Other technologies available to you from Enhance a Colour include:

  • Custom Carpet and Flooring
  • Enhanced 3D Structural Foam Sculpting
  • Full Color Printed Fabric
  • Wall Coverings
  • Digital Die-Cutting
  • and much, much more…

Call us today to learn more about the new technology offered here at Enhance a Colour.  800-894-0264

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