Desk Shields & Desk Dividers

Our middle/high school desk shields & desk dividers are ready to ship within 48 hours!

Enhance a Colour is manufacturing school desk shields that are made from a sturdy plastic material that will not break or fall off of your students’ desks.

Student desk shields and desk dividers are long lasting and easy to clean with soap and water or a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, saving your school money every day!

When New York and Connecticut were at the center of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Personal Protection Equipment was in desperate need for our healthcare workers. Recognizing a need, Enhance a Colour leveraged our expertise working with plastics to produce 75,000 face shields per week, helping equip Connecticut and New York hospitals with much needed PPE.

When schools were challenged to reopen this summer, Enhance a Colour again responded, creating school desk shields and desk dividers that are fire rated, and approved for use in New York State and New York City, meeting some of the toughest standards nationwide.




Lessons Learned from working with over 400 districts ordering School Desk Shields

We have learned that to keep children safe:

• Not all desks are the same size.

• Pre-made shields do not fit your desks or your classrooms.

• Cardboard, Foam, or PETG shields do not last when used daily.

• Plexiglass shields crack and break when they are moved or dropped.

You can order custom sizes to fit your classroom, made from sturdy materials that will not break.

Enhance a Colour’s School Desk Shields are grabbing media headlines:

NBC Nightly News – A pilot program in Middletown, CT used Enhance a Colour’s desk shields and partitions to keep students and teachers safe.

WTNH News 8 – “We’re really trying to be sure that the health measures that we’re taking are going to allow parents to feel comfortable” said Dr. Michael Graner, Groton Superintendent.  Groton ordered over 2500 desk shields, one for every student.

Chalk-beat – Newark, NJ ordered thousands of desk dividers.  The barriers and physical distancing allow students to take off their masks for brief breaks.

Time Magazine – Wesley Elementary School finds safety using Enhance a Colour’s plastic student desk shields.

Eyewitness News 3 – Stonington’s first day of school went off without a hitch, using Enhance a Colour’s desk dividers, as well as face shields.

Why should you buy School Desk Shields from Enhance a Colour?

• Our desk shields are produced in a FDA & CDC approved facility.

• Our desk shields are easy to clean with only soap and water.

• Our desk shields are lightweight to carry around for students, and durable if dropped or moved.

• Our desk shields can be fire-rated.

• Our desk shields are ready to ship in as little as 48 hours.

How are school districts funding School Desk Shields and other PPE?

School districts are most commonly authorizing these purchases using Emergency Authorizations from their local Board of Education.  Some school districts have mentioned using funding available from the CARES Act, or submitting expenses to FEMA for reimbursement.

Next Steps

Have questions?  See the FAQ below or contact us for more details.

Consider your needs:

• How many students do you have and what size shields will they need?

• How many educators do you have and what size shields will they need?

• Would you like the optional fire-rated shields?

• Would you like desk attachments for each shield?

• Do you need Face Shields as well?

• Can we help with any other signage or banners?

• Do you need custom branding?

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Desk Shields and Desk Dividers

    Do you accept purchase orders?

    Yes, we do accept Purchase Orders from schools for their desk shields and table dividers.

    Do you have a W9 form?

    You can download our completed W9 form here.

    Can you provide the fire rating certificates?

    You can download our fire rating certificates here.

    Do you honor tax exempt forms?


    Can you provide a shipping estimate?

    Yes, please provide us the exact address.

    What is the lead time?

    Once a PO is received, most orders are produced within 7 business days and shipped using the agreed upon delivery method.

    Is EAC on any bid or contract?

    Districts have been placing orders using emergency authorizations for COVID school supplies.

    Did you know?

    Our Middle School and High School Desk Shields and Desk Dividers are ready to ship within 48 hours. We guarantee shipping within 7 business days.