SEG Lightboxes

If you are looking for a bright new way to showcase your brand, Enhance a Colour’s SEG Lightboxes make a great impression. We are able to print your brand and image on fabric with stunning color and amazing detail in very large sizes — up to a huge 16 ft. tall x literally any length. The good part of Enhance a Colour’s Lightboxes is that they can be customized in size and either rented or sold depending on how you are going to use them.

Your Fabric Images are similar to continuous tone images, with the captivating detail dye-sub printed using 6 picoliter variable dots. We give the displays real power by backlighting the presentation with our custom made LED light boxes. These unique light boxes use the same attention-getting, bold LED lights of emergency vehicles. LED lights last five times longer than traditional bulbs, so your marketing can continue to shine for years if need be. Our lightbox fixtures are made of brushed aluminum, can be one or two-sided, and are very energy efficient.

Our Fabric Backlit Displays also help keep your cost concerns in a positive light. The fabric is easy to install and can be folded up when not in use, which reduces your shipping and storage costs, and makes storing your lightbox display easy until the next use.

Nestle Shows Off Backlit Displays

This marathon season, we were hired by Ryan Partnership to build an interchangeable fabric booth for Nestle Waters. The traveling booth was to be displayed at Marathons throughout the country.

Lighting up Budweiser on Tour

Budweiser shines at Rihanna’s 2013 Diamonds Road Tour. To get ready for the tour, Budweiser came to Enhance a Colour for event displays that would play to their crowds, and also be extremely portable.

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