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“The Dining Room” Printed Fabric Backdrop Serves Up Applause

We created three backdrop scenes on 16ft dye-sublimated Broadway and muslin fabric, along with flooring.


Expansive Fabric Backdrop Debuts at Washington Ballet

Recently, we teamed with the Ken Larson Company, creating amazing Paris and Italy scenery for the Washington Ballet.


Sharktooth Scrim Fabric Revealed on Stage

The latest material creating a stir on Broadway is Sharktooth Scrim, now available to you from Enhance a Colour. This enchanting fabric allows scenes on stage or at an event to be revealed by the changing of lights. Our Scrims can both reflect, as well as transmit light. The way in which the Scrim is lit provides audiences with many

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Custom Printed Velour Stars on Broadway

If you want your show to be a hit, everyone knows you have to start with great material. Presenting Velour Custom Printed Fabrics by Enhance a Colour.


Event Comes to Life with Oscar Award & Fabric Backdrops

Integrated Marketing needed props for an event for their client’s meeting. Enhance a Colour was given the assignment to create two oversized Fabric Backdrops with stands, a polycarbonate statue with its own frame, so it would stand on its own and a carpet directional runner to lead people to the event. All this was accomplished in a three (3) day window with

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