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Use of Floor Space Helps to Define Brand Awareness

Flooring in most venues was always an afterthought; but no longer! In today’s digital world flooring options with their many different characteristics offer the opportunity to take a once forgotten space and use it to help promote brand awareness. Whether it be a museum, educational facility, retail shop, trade show or special event, floor space provides an excellent way to

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Nintendo Promotes NEW Game with Die-cut Pokémon Characters

At the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center in New York City, Enhance a Colour working with the renowned exhibit firm, Tangram Intl. created visual branding pieces (standees) for the new “Pokémon Conquest” game release from Nintendo. Using existing Pokémon characters that we sized and silhouetted first, and then adding the Nintendo “Conquest” logo to the bottom of each branding

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Five Stage Backdrops Created with Dye-Sublimated Printed Fabric

Create incredibly rich looking, colorful fabric backdrops with a technique revolutionizing theatrical productions. The advantages of dye-sublimation printing versus solvent or screen printing are truly amazing in saving time and reducing costs. Printed backdrops can be created in days versus the weeks required for hand painted backdrops. EACGS printed backdrops can also be printed up to 16 feet by any

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Branded Flooring for YouTube Online Events

When it comes to events and promotions, branding the floor is a great option. Here at Enhance a Colour, we work with event planners and marketing agencies to produce floor graphics through the use of 10 foot wide dye-sublimated carpet, EACGS’s 10 foot wide Ultra Dance Floor material and our newest floor material a clear extruded PVC material that is

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Coke Zero Promotes NFL Season with Branded Display & Carpets

Enhance a Colour was asked by SPEVCO to create graphics for Coke Zero’s campaign for the 2011 NFL season. The task at hand was to create printed carpets of various sizes cut to shape and larger-than-life Coke Zero Cans. There were 2 different designs and shapes used for the 5 carpets, all dye-sub printed to carpet material with rubberized backs.

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