Translucency & Transparency Printing

At Enhance A Colour, we give you the ability to create different lighting and opacity effects with our digital flat bed printing technology. It can be done on materials such as glass, lexan and plexi when trying to achieve backlit effects and transparency effects. It can also be done on other substrates such as wood, metal and other color substrates where you want to see the texture or the color of the material come through.


With lexan, plexi and glass, we can print the following options:

DAY NIGHT DAY– This is where we print 4C (4 Color) layer, white layer and 4C layer again. This allows you to have a backlit print that is not washed out when lit but still vibrant when not lit. This term is what used to be reference for combining the effect of a duratran and a cprint.

Day Night Day with block out – This is where we print 4C+White+black+white+4C where we can opaque out certain areas and allow other areas to be back lit.


This is where we can control the opacity of the ink where we can allow the background material to come through. An example would be to see the grain and color of wood on certain areas come through the image to give the outdoor natural effect. Also on metal you can allow certain materials to have the shine or metallic effect in comparison to mounting vinyl adhesive and being opaque.

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