At Enhance a Colour, we partner with Event Planners, Production and Promotion Firms, Trade Show and Exhibitor Companies to produce customized and unique events not found elsewhere. We strive to deliver everything you can envision, while keeping cost concerns in sight.

Enhance a Colour has the unique ability to manufacture and deliver the highest quality images, while meeting your quick deadlines. We can print on fabric up to 16 foot wide, in seamless, vibrant color and amazing detail. We can also produce stunning images on carpet, flooring, wall coverings, vehicles, customized props and more. We can die-cut custom shapes, and print to materials as varied as wood, metal, glass and acrylic. We also create customized frames, add lighting elements, and even create shipping crates for traveling events. So now you can have one source for all your Event Design needs.

All of our fabrics and carpets are fire-rated. In addition to our dye sublimation capabilities, we also have a full array of large format printing services available to help you.

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