Mobile & Pop-Up Events

When you are looking to make a big impression with your next Mobil and Pop-Up Event, no one knows the business better than Enhance a Colour. We have created crowd pleasing work for years, for companies like Banana Boat, Schick, Quilted Northern, Swedish Match, Target, MasterCard, Microsoft and many more. Our advanced technology and expertise allows us to print on fabric up to 16 foot wide, in seamless, vibrant color and amazing detail. We can create stunning images on fabric walls, carpets, flooring, tent displays and more. We produce custom frames, add lighting elements, and even create shipping crates for traveling events. Our professional installation team can work very quickly, and are masters of spectacular one-day mobile events and pop-ups. We know time is money, and we pride ourselves on creating amazing displays on time and in budget. We are also showmen of the traveling show, and produce work that is portable, lightweight and user friendly to self install, so displaying your message will be cost effective all the way down the road.