Sporting Events

The country’s major Sporting Events have one thing in common – we are there, providing crowd cheering event displays. We made the marketing wheels turn at the Grand Prix NY, creating an entire racing display environment.

We transformed Grand Central Station into an ace pop-up for Tennis Magazine and the US Open, and got runners pumped up with a striking ING New York Marathon display. And we’re just getting warmed up.

We are the star performers of Sporting Event graphics and displays. We have the advanced technology and expertise to produce work like no other player. We can print enormous fabric backdrops with vibrant colors and amazing detail, so your brand and product can boldly shout out to sports fans. We can create everything from visually powerful in-store displays to entire dazzling pop-up environments, tent displays, and more. Fabric walls and covered floors will portray your image like never before. We also have the capabilities print on surfaces like metal wood glass and acrylic, and then die-cut the work to most intricate of custom shapes – giving all new dimensions to your marketing and displays.

We provide work that will have fans lining up, and then even produce the InLine displays depicting your brand for crowds to see while they wait. We are also the installation professionals, doing it all, on time and in budget. Our displays can be customized for travel and made portable, so your marketing message will carry on way down the road. If you want to be number one at NASCAR and the NFL, and get seen at US Open and Final Four, Enhance a Colour will give your brand game.

To get the ball rolling, here’s some of our most recent slam dunks: